Automotive aftermarket leather products

Automotive Aftermarket Leather

Muirhead has been supplying niche car manufacturers and the automotive retrim market for over 100 years with leather for car upholstery and seating. A selection of over 120 different colours and finishes all readily available from our stock, offers our automotive customers an unrivalled choice.

The additional option of perforation or custom colour matching and our long standing reputation for quality, consistency and reliability makes Muirhead the leather supplier of choice.

Andrew Muirhead & Son Limited
Registered Office and Tannery
Dalmarnock Leather Works
273-289 Dunn Street
G40 3EA
United Kingdom

Sales Team
To order any of our leathers, or to discuss how we can help you find the leather you're looking for please contact us at:


Tel: +44 (0)141 550 6400 / +44 (0)141 554 3724

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