Voyager Lightweight Leather

Voyager Lightweight Leather

More and more airlines are opting to choose Muirhead's lightweight aviation leather – Voyager.

When considering aircraft interior refurbishments, airlines are reaping the rewards for selecting Voyager leather as its weight saving properties lead to lower fuel consumption, its long life cycle leads to less refurbishments whilst still guaranteeing the same trusted physical performance and reliability as full weight leather/standard aviation leather. 

It has greater elasticity than standard leather which allows for more flexible use. The raw material has not changed and it has all the properties you would expect from genuine leather.

Our made to order premium Voyager leather retains the 1.0mm thickness found in standard aviation leather but tests conclude it is up to 30% lighter (≈600 grams per square meter) than its heavier full weight leather counterpart with no compromise on quality or tensile strength. Our Low Carbon Voyager leather meets the most robust industry smoke and flame specifications.

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