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About Muirhead Leather

Andrew Muirhead & Son has been at the forefront of leather manufacturing since 1840.

Over the last 175 years, Muirhead has supplied leather for many high profile projects including the Houses of Parliament, Burj Al Arab and the Boeing 307 Stratoliner.

Today we are the UK's only upholstery leather manufacturer and the market leader to the global aviation industry. Our high performance, low carbon leather is supplied to over 160 airlines, airframe and seating manufacturers across 60 countries. We also supply leather to the bus and coach, rail, marine, automotive aftermarket and contract furniture industries.


Muirhead is a manufacturer, not a trader, which allows us to have full control over every aspect of the production process, from hide selection to final delivery. This guarantees industry-leading consistency of product backed by quality of service as well as the highest, safest standards of production.

Concern for the environment is integral and fundamental to Muirhead. Alongside our sister company, Bridge of Weir Leather, we operate the industry's only Thermal Energy Plant where process waste is recycled into energy for use in the manufacturing process. This substantial investment gives us the lowest carbon footprint of any leather maker in the world and the only one to carry the Low Carbon Leather logo.

Muirhead is part of the Scottish Leather Group; a privately owned company with five specialist subsidiaries aiming to achieve the highest standards of quality and innovation.

Andrew Muirhead & Son Limited
Registered Office and Tannery
Dalmarnock Leather Works
273-289 Dunn Street
G40 3EA
United Kingdom

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