Why leather?

There's nothing like the real thing.

Leather means luxury

The manufacture of leather dates back 7,000 years, and is the original upcycling industry. We turn something ordinary – a by-product of the agricultural world – into beautifully crafted products that perform impeccably on a technical level.

Renewable, repairable, breathable 

Muirhead provides a market-leading long-life warranty, but most of our customers find that our leather outlives even that. But it’s not just about a long service life. Leather is easy to repair and maintain, economical to renew, and because it’s a natural, breathable, collagen-based material, it never delaminates like synthetics. And end-of life leather need not end up in landfill, it can be turned into energy.

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Long lasting and improving with age

Every hide is unique, and leather actually improves with age, developing a beautiful patina with use, without fading, sagging, or visible deterioration. Its gradual evolution and softening only adds to its appeal.

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Low environmental and carbon impact

We take sustainability seriously. We make the world’s lowest carbon leather and are committed to reducing that carbon even further through innovations in everything from water efficiency and energy reclamation to circular manufacturing.

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