Modern tanning /
sustainable tanning

Our cutting-edge take on an ancient practice

Tanning leather is a 7,000-year-old process, and Muirhead has been at the forefront of modern methods for almost two centuries. Our constant innovation has pushed the industry forward.

Natural solutions

Because we own our own tanneries, we bring full quality control to the preparation of our rawhides. We set the quality standards and decide the process, from start to finish. We have introduced a 100% natural tanning solution. All the chemicals we use comply with REACH, IPPC , RSL requirements and legislations.

Water and efficiency

We use half as much water in our tanning process as the industry standard. Our efficient tanning drums save 82% of energy and 42% of water per hide. Our large-scale, overside drums can process 20,000 hides a week, meaning that those savings have a huge combined impact, massively reducing the carbon intensity of our finished leather.

Continuous innovation

Our state-of-the-art water ultrafiltration plant allows us to filter and re-use 40% of the water from our tanning process, which is free from chrome, aldehydes and metals. We are exploring locally-sourced waste products as tanning agents, and probiotics in pre-tanning and re-tanning.