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Complying with accredited quality management systems, parent company of Muirhead, Scottish Leather Group, designed and built a self-funded £6 million Thermal Energy Plant which converts process waste into energy and a £1.3 million Ultra Filtration Plant which has resulted in 30% of our water now being recycled.

In recognition of the sustained reduction of our carbon footprint, Scottish Leather Group received the Environmental Award at the Energy institute Awards in November 2014.

It is a Muirhead policy that the business decisions of the company ensure that, wherever possible, the improvement in quality of emissions to water, land or air is a constant aim and a significant feature in process and investment decision making towards sustainable leather manufacturing.

It is due to our commitment in this innovative technology that gives us the lowest carbon footprint of any leather maker in the world and the only one to carry the Low Carbon Leather logo.

For more information on our Low Carbon Leather and to see how our Thermal Energy Plant operates, please click here

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Sustainability Brochure 2015


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