Muirhead Active
Hygiene Leather

Sustainable natural leather with built-in antimicrobial performance. Provides best in class hygiene.

All the performance and sustainability benefits of our fine Scottish leather, incorporating Polygiene BioMaster technology integrated at the manufacturing stage. A sustainable natural material that eliminates 80% of microbes on the surface within 15 minutes and over 99% of bacteria and viruses from leather surfaces within 24 hours. 

Muirhead ActiveHygiene Leather is available on all bespoke orders. We will work with you to develop a unique antimicrobial leather with the perfect colour, substance, performance and experience for your brand and your customers.

Muirhead ActiveHygiene Leather

All the quality and benefits you expect from our high performance leather, with added antimicrobial properties. The most beautiful, durable, sustainable leather with enhanced hygiene built-in.

Industry-leading Polygiene BioMaster technology is integrated into the leather during manufacturing for permanent, always-on protection.


An immediate solution to the challenges of Covid-19, enhancing the hygiene and protection of your leather.
  • Self-disinfecting

    Eliminates 80% of microbes on the surface within 15 minutes, and 99% virus-free within 24 hours of any viral contact, even without cleaning.

  • Always working

    Treatment is always-on, built-in to the leather as part of our sustainable manufacturing process.

  • Proven protection

    Tested to reduce viruses by over 99% – including SARS-CoV-2, H3N2 and H1N1 (ISO18184:2019).

  • Customer confidence

    Reassuring benefits are easily communicated and marketing communications can be supplied.

  • Speeds up cleaning

    Self-disinfecting leather removes the need for additional sanitising of your leather surfaces.

  • Proven durability

    Tested to 50,000 cycles on the Martindale abrasion rub test (ISO 12947-2).

  • No compromises

    The same reliable Muirhead supply chain and lead times, as always.

  • Sustainable by Nature

    The world’s lowest carbon leather, treated using silver recovered from end of life electronic products.

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Quick reference

Download a handy reference sheet which explains the key benefits of Muirhead Active Hygiene Leather in one easily shareable page. Supplied as a PDF file.


*Test by GSC to ISO22196 antimicrobial

**SARS-CoV-2, H3N2 and H1N1 - according to ISO18184:2019. Polygiene BioMaster™ does not prevent diseases but protects the treated material.