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Introducing FreeTAN® with free FR technology from Muirhead.

Technological Breakthrough 

For over two decades, we have heavily invested in new initiatives to develop future-proof tanning systems without relying on chrome salts and glutaraldehyde. We have increased our aviation products' biodegradability and composability properties. We removed as many fossil-fuel-oil-derived components and heavy metals as possible without compromising technical excellence.  

Cutting-Edge Free FR Technology 

Muirhead FreeTAN® also maintains our status as the leading flame-retardant leather in the industry, regularly outperforming the industry standard by over 5 seconds in the Vertical Burn test. Our free FR technology is an efficient, environmentally friendly flame-retardant treatment refined through rigorous testing and years of development and is free of many harmful substances. 

Technical Performance 

Comfort is of the utmost importance when travelling. That is why we subject all our products to rigorous testing to ensure they meet our customers' exacting standards for comfort and durability. By investing in Muirhead FreeTAN® or any other product from our range, you can rest assured that they will fly for a decade or more. 

Sustainable Airspace 

Producing the world’s lowest-carbon aviation leather, Muirhead FreeTAN® boasts a Life Cycle Analysis (LCA) of just 8kg CO₂e/m². With FreeTAN®, we have taken a significant step towards eliminating the use of fossil fuels, oil-based elements, and heavy metals from all our products and operations, helping the industry to move towards more environmentally friendly aviation products.

Enhancing Sustainability in Aviation

We have advanced our manufacturing process to increase the biodegradability and compostability properties of our aviation products. 


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    Now made without chrome salts, but still guaranteeing high performance.


    We've diligently eliminated as many heavy metals as feasible, all while upholding our commitment to technical excellence.

Also free from Halogen, Bromine, Antimony, Organophosphate, Fluorocarbon, Bio-Accumulative Chemicals.