Muirhead's innovations shine at Crystal Cabin Awards!

Exciting news! Our sustainable aviation projects have been shortlisted for the prestigious Crystal Cabin Awards. Organised by Hamburg Aviation, these awards recognise the most cutting-edge and environmentally friendly products and concepts for aircraft cabin innovation, setting the bar for the future of travel experiences. 

This year, the 72 outstanding entries and groundbreaking innovations across eight categories are all centred around the theme "Let your ideas take off."  

The 2024 aircraft cabin design nominees are revolutionising how we experience air travel. With cutting-edge seating concepts, the design possibilities are endless. From ergonomic designs prioritising comfort and support to luxurious seating arrangements offering privacy and exclusivity, the nominees are pushing the boundaries of what's possible.  

In addition to seating, the nominees are also focused on using sustainable and environmentally friendly cabin materials. By incorporating materials that are recyclable or made from renewable resources, they're creating a more sustainable future for air travel. 

We are proud to be recognised for our sustainable aviation leather interior materials. We have developed the most sustainable, fully compostable, natural aviation leather, offering our customers a proper end-of-life solution. Our innovative aviation products have increased plant/bio-content and biodegradability properties. They are free from chrome and glutaraldehyde and still meet the exacting standards of the aviation sector.  

Huge thanks to all our colleagues involved, especially Simon Cook, Group Technical Director, and Stephen Hems, Innovation (Technologist) Manager, for their dedication and expertise in ensuring the success of this project.  

The Crystal Cabin Awards 2024 winners will be unveiled on May 28th.