Muirhead's Gold Standard for lowest carbon leather

At Muirhead, we consistently push ourselves for continuous improvement. Our focus lies in producing the world's lowest carbon leather, all achieved without relying on offsets, and our endeavours to minimise our long-term impact are ongoing.

The recent reaffirmation of our operations achieving the esteemed "Gold" standard by the Leather Working Group (LWG) serves as added recognition for our exceptional environmental practices and the achievements of our exceptional team, well-structured business model, and dedication across a wide array of assessed areas. These encompass health & safety, compliance, traceability, and business durability.

In our parent company, Scottish Leather Group’s upcoming ESG Report, will be released in September and will detail our successes and challenges as we advance on our path to achieving zero emissions. Furthermore, we will elaborate on how we can directly assist our customers in reaching their own sustainability objectives.