Muirhead looks forward to meeting the aviation industry at AIX 2023

It is exciting to see the industry gaining momentum and energy after some challenging years, with many innovative new projects and creative solutions on the horizon. AIX is a fantastic opportunity to meet and inspire our customers with our sustainability, design, and new product capabilities. We look forward to meeting the aviation industry at Aircraft Interiors Expo 2023, Stand 6E95


With sustainability so high on the agenda, we look forward to seeing how the supply chain can work together to respond to the industry’s stringent ESG requirements. We believe collaboration demands transparency and that all sustainability claims should be backed by third-party verified data and life-cycle analysis, from raw material consumption through production to end-of-life disposal - leaving no room for greenwashing. 

We applauded the latest article of WWF, which supports sustainable leather manufacture, claiming that genuine leather plays a role in the fight against deforestation and encourages industry leaders to share progress by collaborating across the full supply chain. It is a significant development for a globally trusted organisation to highlight the valuable role the leather industry presents in the circular economy and the environmental damage some non-animal materials present. Read more in our WWF article


We will unveil our ‘ReWILDing’ concept, highlighting the importance of sustainability, circularity, technology, and biophilic design principles for aviation leather. Please learn more about our three newly revealed design directions, which are informed by cross-industry market insights and inspired by Scotland’s unique natural habitats.    

High performance product innovations 

Being a trusted supplier of the lowest carbon aviation leather, we are thrilled to showcase three high performance leather products. 

Muirhead LightCore™  - Pioneering tanning process to reduce fuel-burn weight 

Muirhead developed the world’s first reduced-weight, full-substance leather, specifically designed for the aviation industry, with a 7-year warranty. We re-invented our leather from the inside out using a pioneering tanning process. Engineered with a unique, durable, micro-light core - Muirhead LightCore™ is a reduced-weight, full-substance innovation - it is 33% lighter than standard leather without compromising high technical performance, thickness, durability, or comfort. Most leather manufacturers make the leather thinner, which creates an inferior product with lower performance.  

Our innovative, easy-clean, lightweight genuine leather with an IP-protected system contributes to the efficiency of aircraft turnaround time and substantial lifetime weight savings for our customers without compromising luxury or durability. It is natural, durable, adaptable, breathable, stress tested, safe, and customisable to enhance design and comfort.  

LightCore™ helps reduce fuel burn –without compromising on safety or performance. And it is rigorously tested to meet the demands of modern aviation. Our aviation experts have developed LightCore™ to pass all airworthiness specifications, including FAA 25.853, Vertical Burn and ABD0031 Smoke Density and Toxicity testing (BSI ISO 17025:2005). 

Muirhead CareGuard™ - Superior protection to reduce maintenance requirements

Muirhead CareGuard™ product is an easy-to-clean natural product with superior protection for aircraft seat covers against soiling and staining, with a protective seal that prevents dye transfer and dirt build-up, helping lighter-coloured leather seats look even better and last longer. As a result, CareGuard™ can significantly reduce maintenance requirements, speed up turnaround times, cut back considerably on cleaning costs and resources and extend the leather’s service life.  

Muirhead CareGuard™ leather enables design houses, seat makers and operators to choose lighter colours without worrying about soiling, discolouration or increased cleaning costs. In addition, it helps to solve the common problem of dye from denim and other materials, staining lighter-coloured leathers on airline seats.  

Sustainability, design, and product innovations at AIX 2023 CareGuard™ gives design houses, seat makers and operators a more exciting choice, using lighter, more subtle and sophisticated colours. Free from Fluorocarbons, it is flame resistant, durable and provides added protection against UV light, soiling, and staining. 

AIX is a fantastic opportunity to meet and inspire our customers with our sustainability, design, and new product capabilities

Muirhead ActiveHygiene - Best-in-class hygiene to speed up turnaround times

Muirhead ActiveHygiene is a sustainable natural leather with built-in antimicrobial technology, designed to improve hygiene in aircraft and other passenger transport cabins and subjected to rigorous testing to ISO 21702:2109 industry standards. We are incredibly proud that ActiveHygiene was the first ever leather for aviation interiors to feature antimicrobial properties – responding to the ever-growing demand for best-in-class seat hygiene.  

Polygiene BioMaster™ technology is permanently integrated into the material during our 100% circular manufacturing process, making it an intrinsic part of the leather, unlike a mere coating. The result is an ‘always on’, a self-disinfecting treatment that can reduce invisible microbes on the leather surface by more than 99% in 24 hours. The antimicrobial technology in ActiveHygiene is effective against SARS-CoV-2 (COVID-19), H1N1, and H3N2. Polygiene BioMaster was the first commercial treatment effective against SARS-CoV-2 on porous and non-porous surfaces.  

Muirhead ActiveHygiene leather complements airlines’ existing cleaning protocols and reduces microbial levels on the surface between cleans. As a self-cleaning product, with respect to micro-organisms, it also removes the need for additional sanitising of seat covers, head and armrests – helping operators speed up turnaround times. All orders are bespoke. We work with our customers to develop antimicrobial leather with the perfect colour, substance, performance and experience for their brand and passengers.  

Watch the film for more information on Polygiene BioMaster™.