Mulberry launched The Lowest Carbon Collection

In April 2021, to mark their 50th anniversary, Mulberry announced the Made to Last Manifesto. They laid out an ambitious commitment to transfer the business to a regenerative and circular model across the entire supply chain, from field to wardrobe, by 2030. They partnered with Muirhead to support these ambitious sustainability targets.                             

When a Mulberry bag reaches end-of-life and can no longer be repaired, Mulberry will buy it back from the customer. The leather is then sent to Scottish Leather Group, which is processed through our innovative Thermal Energy Plant. This powers the production of new leather for Mulberry to make new bags. This is a great example of a truly circular model.

A sustainable supply chain

In November 2021, Mulberry launched their new collection of bags produced in partnership with Muirhead. The limited-edition capsule collection features the Small Amberley Satchel, an iconic design updated with an uncompromising approach to sustainability, using our lowest carbon leather. The Small Soft Amberley satchels are created using Muirhead Hawthorn Heavy Grain leather in four colourways: Cornflower Blue, Coral Orange, Black and Charcoal.                      

The collection is created with a pioneering hyper-local, hyper-transparent ‘farm to finished product’ supply chain model – marking a bold commitment to transparency and traceability.                             

This partnership with Muirhead represents the future of Mulberry – they are committed to a more sustainable future, and we are working closely with them on new product developments and partnerships for 2022 and 2023.         

“We are delighted to form a strategic partnership with global British brand Mulberry, to support their sustainable and responsible business goals. Muirhead developed the lowest carbon soft and supple leather for the fashion industry to reduce carbon intensity, even in the high luxury segment. - ”Nicholas Muirhead, Managing Director                         

“I’m pleased to launch our first collection of ‘farm to finished’ product. This capsule collection represents the future of the business as we continue to build a network of regenerative and organic farms to supply the skins to create our leather across the UK and Europe.” - Thierry Andretta, CEO of Mulberry                     

Working together for a better future

Following a meeting with Thierry Andretta in which he learned of the project, Prince Charles stated that “He wished people knew the value of ethically produced leather in the circular economy over plastic or ‘strange spun’ synthetic materials.


Photo credit: Mulberry