Muirhead returns to pre-pandemic lead times

Muirhead, a trusted supplier of high performance leather to some of the world’s most respected passenger transport and aviation brands, has announced it has successfully returned to its pre-pandemic manufacturing lead time of just six weeks.

The Scottish leather maker credits its unique end-to-end process and unwavering commitment to sustainable innovation for enabling it to weather the impact of supply chain shortages during the pandemic.

Myles Hobbs, Head of Aviation EMEA and The Americas at Muirhead, said:
“While lengthy and fragmented supply chains continue to pose challenges to many across the industry, we’re proud to be able to guarantee our usual six-week lead time to customers once again.

“Thanks to a continued investment in our manufacturing processes and operational excellence, our business is now more streamlined, efficient, and agile. We’re confident that Muirhead’s direct sourcing and unique end-to-end control of the supply chain will continue to set us apart, enabling us to deliver the highest quality, most consistent leather to the aviation and passenger transport industries.”

Muirhead sources 99% of its hides from the UK and Ireland and works closely with local cattle farmers and abattoirs that operate with the highest possible standards. Each hide is tanned in the company’s family-owned tannery and is finished on site – resulting in consistently short lead times and more stability for customers.

By controlling the entire tanning process, Muirhead’s technicians are able to dictate the choice of hides for each product, as well as how each hide should be tanned, finished, and treated to maximise quality and durability. This has enabled Muirhead to achieve unrivalled consistency across all its leather ranges. Besides a guaranteed start-to-finish lead time, the leather manufacturer also offers an industry-leading seven-year warranty, with many aviation customers reportedly using Muirhead products for ten years or more.

To learn more, visit: our complete control of our supply chain and manufacturing process.