Fine Scottish Leather

The lowest carbon, high performance natural leather
for the toughest passenger environments
and the most discerning luxury designers.


Muirhead makes the lowest-carbon leather in the world. We source locally, tan naturally, reclaim energy from waste and re-use water. We are serious about sustainability.

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We’ve been making fine luxury leather for over 180 years and remain a family business. From our roots in Scotland, with our famously pure water, grass-fed farming and natural resources, we export to more than 60 countries worldwide.

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Our success is built upon almost two centuries of continuous innovation. Today we offer bespoke high performance and luxury leather made to any colour, design and specification. We make the world’s first lightweight full substance leather, leather that resists soiling and stains, and even leather that actively kills bacteria and viruses on contact.

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Lose weight, not performance with our new lightweight, low carbon leather. Re-engineered for the next generation of aviation, where every gram has an impact on fuel use. Up to 33% lighter than standard leather – without sacrificing thickness, strength or safety.

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